The 0 downloads crisis

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The 0 downloads crisis

Post by Pietry » 22 Jul 2008, 09:13

Recently, I heard some shocking news about the Direct Connect network. Probably having nothing better to do, people are inventing conspiracies over nothing but grain of salts.

What I'm talking about is the SourceForge migration process that is happening right as we speak. During this process, the statistics for projects hosted by SourceForge are not being showed anymore. (They are being collected, but because of the undergoing modifications, they are not being printed ). What does this mean ? New file releases ( the process is undergoing for a month or so ) appear as if they have 0 downloads. Don't worry though, files are being downloaded just like before. And after the migration is done, the actual download number will be updated with the real one.

People have seen in this a conspiracy : "Software like StrongDC or DC++ has a trojan ! The developers have included spyware, exploits ! That's why nobody downloads them anymore ! " Such kind of imagination would be really funny if such kind of things wouldn't affect the normal people.

I would say that even if all the people in the world would agree that nobody would download DC software, there would still be a large number that would do. So for a project that has 10000 downloads a day, it's impossible to have 0 downloads for a whole month just like that, over the night !

Also, the AVG anti virus reported the last version of StrongDC infected with some kind of Trojan, but the latest version removed the threat warning. At least they have repaired the problem.

So, don't worry about your favorite p2p program being malevolent, because it's not the case. People are working really hard to make a good program for you, because this is free and nobody gets paid, they do this just for pleasure. Why would anyone want to be discredited by intentionally adding an exploit or virus to the one program that made them famous around the community ?
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