Hubtracker and ADCS is now true

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Hubtracker and ADCS is now true

Post by Pietry » 02 Nov 2008, 07:23

Like always, Catalin has been very open to latest technologies in Direct Connect and ADC especially, being the first mixed up hublist ( NMDC and ADC ), the most advanced ADC pinger there is ( field setup, random CID generation and more ), now he implemented in Hubtracker ADCS. This means it's the first hublist that supports encryption and the first mixed list NMDC + ADC + ADCS.

To register your ADCS hub just act like you did with every other hub, just pick up adcs:// handler at registration time. Another benefit for the low end user is that SSL/TLS filter is just hidden beneath the nice interface Hubtracker is providing.

We all here at ADCPortal want to thank Catalin for his work and wish him even more success with

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