Ghost of Christmas past

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Ghost of Christmas past

Post by Toast » 28 Dec 2008, 17:35

Well we are back online now (tnx to the guys that fucked this site over). Changed host big up to Catalin that has suffered like us during these months.

So what now might your big question be well i thought i start the new year with a well deserved break since Sweden voted yes (tnx moderaterna) to IPRED and since script kiddies seem to rule over DC anyways funny that they ddos a developer forum perhaps ignorance (i'm aware of my bitter tone).

anyways nice to be back and i do hope that everyone helps out in making this site great as it once was

// Regards Toast


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Re: Ghost of Christmas past

Post by Pietry » 28 Dec 2008, 20:57

Finally, good to be back :D
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Re: Ghost of Christmas past

Post by en_dator » 28 Dec 2008, 23:28

Toast wrote:as it once was
Hey now, you werent gone THAT long :)

but still, wb & cheers :)