Hubtracker is now OpenHublist

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Hubtracker is now OpenHublist

Post by Pietry » 02 Jan 2009, 10:09

The year has passed and now Hubtracker seems to change the outfit. Catalin has been working with some new ideas and refreshed the Hubtracker page with a new logo, a new webdomain, and a new bug tracker

More and more features are present on the website and the users continue to benefit from it every day, and we want to congratulate Catalin for his work and commitment, and the accomplishments he reached: 10,000 downloads a day for the list. Good luck in 2009 :D

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Re: Hubtracker is now OpenHublist

Post by Toast » 02 Jan 2009, 12:13

A site note and ADCPortal are more joined then ever since Catalin is the host for all of this now :) so i would like to show proper gratitude and say thank you Catalin for being generous :)

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Re: Hubtracker is now OpenHublist

Post by Catalin » 03 Jan 2009, 12:51

Thx Pietry, I hope 2009 will make the project bigger and bigger and more users will use the list. Although is far from perfect with help from other contributors will hopely be number one on the internet :D