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ADCH++ Gui

Posted: 28 Dec 2009, 11:42
by Toast
Howdy Ho and seasons greetings again, Just wanted to show off the work of Sulan's Gui for ADCH++ with an huge image gallery since so much has been done for it and links for it.
So how much does it contain so far ? Well as u clearly can see alot!

Any feature necessary to turn those Ynhubs to ADCH++ and go over to ADC and benefit from all the new features created on the ADC side like BLOM, ADCS, UCMD and so on and so on.
Image Image Image Image Image Image So how does this one differ from ADCH++ well first off it uses the core parts of ADCH++ (c++) with a python wrapper issuing commands. It has translation basis (gettext) for getting the language right for each user. Geoip is also in the works requested by Radox to work for making (country) only hubs, since some countries has to pay for outside country connections.
Image Image Image Image Image Image So why should u switch Well first off private hubs can benefit using this since it contains support for ADCS that means encrypted connections gives some sense of security along with the bloom filter that saves bandwidth it saves and remembers searches from clients that it stores in a bitmap so when the search is found in the hub is sends it to the inital user that requested it instead of search over and over again.
Image Image Image Image Image Image The hubsoft is actively developed so if its missing something its easy to request it so i hope that we see some GUIs getting converted soon from the old NMDC protocol.