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Re: Followers of the Redirect

Post by andyhhp » 18 Feb 2010, 18:27

I am not sure why this question has to be asked.

If a hub redirects a client, there is a good reason for this. (the bug in ynhub is a bad reason but it is a bug - not an intended state of operation)

The ability to enable/disable this option is already present for the users who understand or care what they are doing.

I am a hub developer and owner and, although i didnt expect users to be as technically aware as myself, I am constantly bemused by how lasy/incompetant some users can be (one had to use the webirc client to log onto the chat channel only to ask where the download link was. The link was next to the webirc link).

As a result, any options like this which are primerally used by hub owners to help keep things going along smoothly should be enabled by default, so users who dont know better will not disrupt things.

In the vast majority of cases, redirects are trying to help users, so you shouldnt make it harder for the average user to accept that help!