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Seriebot "the bot that keeps tabs on your series"

Posted: 11 Mar 2010, 17:53
by Toast
Thought i do a small post about a new bot thats hit the market for ADC

The bot is called seriebot and its developed by Flow84 and it bases of his ADC lib Flowlib made in C# for any developer wondering about that language is used.

So how does it work ?

Well its quite a simple bot (see example below)

+next <serie name>


[14:20:12] <User> +next smallville
[14:20:13] <serieBot> Smallville - [S09E15] Escape - 2010-04-02

+last <serie name>


[14:22:23] <User> +last smallville
[14:22:23] <serieBot> Smallville - [S09E14] Conspiracy - 2010-02-26


[09:24:33] <User> +new
[09:24:35] <serieBot> Please note that this command may take several minutes to complete. (Writing the command more then once will reset your position in queue and place you last)
[09:26:30] <serieBot> Your current serie information:
I have found 48 different series in your share.
You want me to ignore 20 of them.
Heroes: You are behind 2 episodes. (Your last episode is: S04E17)
Legend of the Seeker: You are behind 1 episode. (Your last episode is: S02E12)
Smallville: You are behind 1 episode. (Your last episode is: S09E13)
The Simpsons: You are behind 1 episode. (Your last episode is: S21E12)
This might go over good on rarhubs or private hubs could also be useful on public hubs also.

the bot is available on google code.