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DCPlusplus + PluginApi = True ?

Posted: 10 Dec 2010, 14:27
by Toast
Seasons greetings People

Well i got some good news to report DC++ is adopting the ApexDC++ Api it has taken several steps forward so a huge congrats for Crise that has put alot of effort into making this happen and a huge tnx for all the supporters we had to make it happen. Arne finally gave the thumbs up for the patch and begun discussing so this will be a new dawn for mod makers now that those that feels that maintaining a whole client for some features is too much we can gladly move em over to plugins thus making it easier for em to maintain their features.

Documentation over the PluginApi will be presented in meantime on the DC++ Website and here when everything is ready, hopefully this will be a huge change since new features can be presented into the client without hassle.