Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

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Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

Post by Toast » 05 Apr 2011, 22:45

So i thought i analyze the current playing field Direct Connect has development across the board is down, Google Analytics shows less visitors for Direct Connect in total so what is lacking and whats needed to revive Direct Connect usage.

Well more user initiative, new ideas about features and proposals on what the future of Direct Connect could look like.

Another thing that has been bothering me when looking at Direct Connect is the adware sneaking its way in by the Apexdc project, know Crise is one of the founders but this is something that has annoyed me not since the old days has Direct Connect been plagued by adware but it has found its nasty way back into the game again and why, well let me say the magic word, an webmaster that seized control over a project without any real knowledge about development standards, sure a webmaster likes to have revenue cash on his websites so they pay themselves thats understandable but as an opensource project its just a tacky move, i propose submitting Apexdc installer too the wall of shame for providing users with adware such as toolbars and 3rd party software.. and no this is not a smear campain you can still get a adfree version of apex by downloading the zip from the website and i found it funny that the webmaster tried to push the upcomming version 2.0 version by pushing the toolbar on their targeted users..

that kinda set the tone for big muscle to decline apex of svn updates (see link), now the thing that bothers me is that the lead developer (Crise) doesnt seem to mind having his opinions run over from time to time, such as important bzr revision merges (both functionality and security related) just for the sake of pushing it and promoting apex now and the most bothersome part was when they added stuff into extension protocol without documenting it anywhere letting the rest find it by a fluke..

ie my grief is that a project should have a lead developer thats actively makes decisions on when a project is mature or not this is not a webmasters role and sure revenue money is nice but when its opensource its tacky as hell to push adware down users throat .

so i know this will be viewed as an attack on apex but is not intended as that its intended to get crise to assume control over a project that has gone a bit rampant by the actions of a webmaster gone over the line..

for those that dont know what adware is see Wikipedia and i hope that debates on revenue income and adware is discussed and roles on projects cause the articles is intended to create debate on structural problems and those are present in most projects around Direct Connect (not Adware however thats just one projects problem and hopefully smart users that dont apply toolbars they dont need) but enough of my rampage post about this let the discussions hopefully begin cause i know it has been slow at ADCPortal but im hoping that will change.

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Re: Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

Post by Lee » 07 Apr 2011, 10:37

Another article on the wrong-doings of ApexDC++. I would suggest you stop spreading rubbish considering I was the original founder of PWDC++ and have not overthrown anybody. Crise updates our SVN and decides when a version is in a fit state to release... if you feel any different I suggest you stay out of our business and focus on getting your Anatylics back.

According to your article, the decline in your website stats is the fault of ApexDC++? Where is the correlation? Apexdc.net website is thriving and reached record breaking unique visitors with the 1.4.2 release.

You started the article by saying you need to do something about the state of DC++ yet spend more time trying to bash our project. I'd like to hear some facts from a DC++ developer if they feel strongly against what is being done over at ApexDC++. I feel because Crise is working on our project and not updating the plugins for you, you've developed a hatred for it. Crise is the lead developer of ApexDC++ and as such, his attention should be focused on it.

This petty squable has gone on long enough. Focus on your own project.

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Re: Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

Post by Crise » 07 Apr 2011, 11:52

Tacky move huh, open source software does not have to equal to "charity" work like you seem to think... although apexdc still very much is that.

There is no need for me to realize anything, we are not obligated to to explain our decisions regarding apexdc in detail to you or anyone else before making them. Also on contrary to what you seem to think no one is overruling anyone, we discuss every decision made, yes there are compromises some better some worse... but that's how things work when you are working with people.

It's quite funny really, from my point of view you and Lee are not that different at all when it comes to some things, you both aren't programmers (although I suspect that by now Lee knows more about programming than you do), yet you seem to think that you are so much better than he is. As a matter of fact if Lee was a programmer I suspect apexdc would loose an interesting asset, precisely because he isn't a programmer he brings an interesting insight to the project.

Regarding the toolbar and formerly open candy, us investing in apexdc thus far has always been like throwing money in the wind figuratively speaking, and I don't see anything wrong in trying to get that money back (not that it is happening, since the amount of money invested has also increased). We are not compromising our users in any way by doing so.


Re: Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

Post by Toast » 07 Apr 2011, 11:58

Its our prime focus to provide users with the informations about other project and give em the facts they lack now with that said if you dont like the articles here on ADCPortal your more then welcome to debate but this is my belief about the apex project and since my beta testing days ive only seen it go one way down the drain..

i will post more logs this weekend just need too rummy thru my backups so stay tuned :) again users needs to head this think iceman had some additional graphs over misses and functionality ive requested that he posts em so dont see this as punishment rather a chance to correct the mistakes made by rushing and ignoring warnings plus we dont censure comments nor do we moderate em and open discussion is the best solution.

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Re: Facts are sometimes stranger then fiction

Post by adrian_007 » 08 Apr 2011, 22:47

why so serious?
yes, it's kinda silly to include some toolbar shit in open source project, but it's not forbidden. there are plenty of alternatives that user can choose.
but a sneak peak of wx version (which is based on bm work, no doubt on that) in exchange for installing some stupid toolbars - ekhm.. nasty move.

about that adc extenstion - oh well, do you really need it? so important? ... i don't think so...
but hey how can i know, im just a minor dev ;p

(haven't been around for a while, but i see things fucked up pretty nicely...)