Old (ADCPortal) CMS released, and something...

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Old (ADCPortal) CMS released, and something...

Post by Crise » 26 May 2012, 15:38

For anyone interested I just put the code up for grabs over here: http://forums.apexdc.net/topic/4452-rel ... d-project/ licensed under GNU GPL, v2 specifically, basically same licensing as phpBB.

The linked post also two other bits of random code, one in particular that could be interesting for DC developers using PHP:
2. PHP Utilities (Tiger and TTH hashing, Base32 encoding)

This file contains two simple classes, again the enclosed readme will shed more light on each (also explains why they are even here, since the original unmodified version of most of the code can be found on google).

"This code is namely shared because the current PHP based DC software that make use of the ADC protocol
generally uses hard coded hashes, or off loads the task of hashing to a binary dependency, for login.
While TTH is not used for that task directly the tiger and tigerfix methods, and the documentation
surrounding them, will hopefully be of use to some and lessen the number solutions reliant on static hashes."
The original class that is based on is something, linked on in one of the PHP manual pages, with few modifications and a bit better documented.