Airdc lost domain again?

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Re: Airdc lost domain again?

Post by adrian_007 » 25 Sep 2008, 22:25

i don't see real difference between sf hosted apps and normal forum - forum is not coffee maker, it's a place to discuss.
and yeah they're using modded version of phpbb, because it uses account.

and yeah, rsx++' forum is down and i'm not going to bring it back untill i get answer for my question from team - i've requested smf forum script - if they reject it, i'm going to change to phpbb, if they approve it, i'm going to use smf @ hosted apps :]

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Re: Airdc lost domain again?

Post by en_dator » 26 Sep 2008, 18:44

so far I have found the following reasons to not wanting to use the current hosted apps forum at sf:

*) user registrations is done by sf account
which means among other things that I will have to change my name on sf or reg a new one if I want to be en_dator there as I currently have another name on sf
it also means that paranoid users wont like it :)
it also means that sf has removed all register links from the forum soft, to make users know how to reg on the forum I will have to redirect them to sf

*) not possible to use any skins/themes
*) not possible to use any mods
*) not possible to store data anywhere (except in the mysql db)
(unfortunately this seems also true of the web space provided :( )

*) no possibility to make a frontpage or portal page connected to the forum, except if useing the webspace, but that is not writeable by the webserver so it must be a static page only

*) big red sf logo over the entire upper part of the screen
*) I havent found a way to even put own logo on the forum yet, but I hope at least that should be possible

There is probably more reasons to not use it, but what I have found so far put me off enough

And I'm not saying that it doesnt work, because I think it works and serves its purpose, its just very limited in regards to forum functions.

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Re: Airdc lost domain again?

Post by Night » 06 Oct 2008, 15:44

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Re: Airdc lost domain again?

Post by Pietry » 07 Oct 2008, 17:26

Also can't use any google adsense or something as own's ads will be there
Just someone