How can You help in debugging DC++

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How can You help in debugging DC++

Post by Pietry » 29 Aug 2008, 13:34

I want this to be a post in helping people who think they found a crash in the popular client DC++ ( not mods ) to help developers in getting more information about the crash and most important leading to a fix on the respective bugs.

I blogged some time ago on the dcdev blog about how to compile DC++. This time you need a debug unstripped build.

You need cygwin in order to debug. Also make sure that while installing cygwin you checked the option for gdb (gnu debugger).

If not, start again the cygwin setup and add it, once you got gdb, the steps are the following :
  • Fire up cygwin, and let's assume your dc++ debug exe is in c:\dc++
  • give the command : cd /cygdrive/c/dc++
  • gdb DCPlusPlus.exe
  • run
Then, dc++ will start, you need to recreate the crash
Now, go back to cygwin, you will see a crash message
  • give command : bt
  • or bt full
Then you got a nice callstack for the crash, copypaste it and post it on the dc++ report site.

That's it.
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