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Draft 1.1

Post by Toast » 30 Dec 2007, 20:59

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Version Draft 1.1 Idea proposed by Toast 29/12/2007 Orginal Idea of CDM Based of Sulan Client Detection Mod-->
  <!--This should be made dynamic, so when protocol evolves parameters and profile detections can be added. 

This will add to the evolving of CDM Detection and updating standards.

Instead of multible files to just have one and add to it-->
    <Version>Stated Version of Client</Version>
    <Tag>Stated Tag of Client</Tag>
    <Description>Stated Description of Client (Option Below)<Option>(0=Disabled 1=Enabled) This is for Version in Description</Option></Description>
    <Nick>Stated Nick in Client</Nick>
    <Shared>Stated Share of Client</Shared>
    <Email>Stated E-Mail in Client</Email>
    <Supports>Stated Supports of Clients</Supports>
    <TestSUR>Stated TestSUR of Client</TestSUR>
    <Status>Stated Status of Client</Status>
    <Connection>Stated Connection of Client</Connection>
    <CheckMismatch>Option for Mismatch (0=Disable 1=Enable)</CheckMismatch>
    <Flagclient>Option for Flagging a Client as Bad (0=Disable 1=Enable)</Flagclient>
    <CheatingDescription>Optional Cheating Description</CheatingDescription>
    <Comment>Clients Comments</Comment>
    <SM Name="SM // Short for Stated Mode" RegExp="Regexp for Stated Mode" />
    <SH Name="SH // Short for Stated Hubs" RegExp="Regexp for Stated Hubs" />
    <SS Name="SS // Short for Stated Slots" RegExp="Regexp for Stated Slots" />
    <SL Name="SL // Short for Stated Limiter" RegExp="Regexp for Stated Limiter" />
    <SC Name="SC // Short for Stated Connection" RegExp="Regexp for Stated Connection" />
    <DSC Name="DSC // Short for Description Stated Connection" RegExp="Regexp for Description Stated Connection" />
      <CIDValue Value="Enter Value of Suspected CIDS Here">Comments of CID<RawToSend>The Raw to Send</RawToSend></CIDValue>
      <CIDValue Value="Enter Value of Bad CIDS Here">Comments of CID<RawToSend>The Raw to Send</RawToSend></CIDValue>
      <IP Value="Enter IP or IP Range Here">Comment on IP Range<FlagOption>(0=Disable, 1=Enable) To Flag IP or IP Range as bad</FlagOption><RawToSend>0</RawToSend></IP>
      <Host Value="Enter Host Value Here">Comment on Host Range<FlagOption>(0=Disable, 1=Enable) To Flag Host as bad</FlagOption><RawToSend>0</RawToSend></Host>
        <RegExp RegExp="Regular Expression Value Here">Name for the Detection</RegExp>
        <FlagOption>(0=Disabled, 1=Enabled)Flag for Bad Filelist <CheatingDescription>Optional Comment for Cheat Description</CheatingDescription></FlagOption>
    <!--This should be showed in client profile window-->
    <ProfileVersion>Stated Version</ProfileVersion>
    <ProfileMessage>Stated Message</ProfileMessage>
    <ProfileUrl>Stated URL</ProfileUrl>
    <ProfileMaintainer>Stated Maintainer</ProfileMaintainer>
    <ProfileEmail>Stated E-Mail</ProfileEmail>
Updated to an idea Crise has for Apex so that it will become intergraded into clientprofile
Draft 1.1
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Re: OpenCDM - A Proposal for Client Devs

Post by Dj_Offset » 03 Nov 2008, 22:53

What problem does this solve?


Re: OpenCDM - A Proposal for Client Devs

Post by Toast » 04 Nov 2008, 17:00

old topic already fixxed by Adrian and Crise check the wiki