Hub software for my needs

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Hub software for my needs

Post by Rudde » 04 Apr 2013, 18:03

Hi there, so I need new Hubsoftware for my once-in-a-year event with about 1k users (peaked at 1700 in 2007), ever year for 5 days it's a LAN party with lots of fileshares, we usually have about a bit under 1 PT of total shared files, and every topsharer, that have shared more then 8 TB will max gigabit output the whole event if they stay online the whole event. The last 7 years we have been using YnHub for Windows, but I've been told it's a very old and bad hubsoftware, and I want to develop. This year we had alot of problems with YnHub to and this are problems we don't want next year.

What we want for the hub is fast good and fast hubsoftware that is easy to administrate and fast to setup, we will also run a failoverhub incase of network downtime (One hub on internet and one on LAN).

So, we where thinking about supporting ADC, how do a network with ADC clients and DC clients work together? We have no way of getting all users over to AirDC, only banned client will be oDC (other client that don't have TTH?)

So I have a general idea of what we need,

- Ban (Kick ans bans user, ban both nick and IP so no-one steal the nick)
- Warn
- Tempban (Kick's and tempban user, also nickban as normal ban)
- Kick
- Reg command
- Change userclass (let input in text, like admin, user, mod etc..)
- Unban (works on both tempbans and bans, will unban both IP and nick when nick or IP is entered)
- Let admins talk from hub-bot
- Diffrent kind of chatrooms, for both admins and users (Only admins can create an delete them)
- Setmin/max share
- Setmin/max slot
- Setmin/max hubs
- Enter one IP for IP filter or a range of IP's (prefix format would be nice, etc
- List banned users
- List banned nicks

We want all public chatrooms on hub to be logged in MySQL.
We want the server to push how many users there are on server and how many files is shared every x number of minutes. Together with CPU use, memory use and uptime. To MySQL. (Network use of interface (% and total up/down), is that possible?)

We also need to lock the hub to a given IP range, it would be cool to link this feature to IPTables if that is possible, all our clients will most likely have both IPv4 and IPv6 so we want them to use IPv6 if possible.

So what software am I looking at? And do I have to make lots of plugins? And what language am I looking at? I am myself pretty steady in PHP and know the book of C++ (I say I know the book because I have never used it in any real-life projects)

I would like to run this under debian.

Thank you very much for any reply! :D

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Re: Hub software for my needs

Post by Ayo » 12 Apr 2013, 07:59

I'm not too familiar with hub software, but I'll just post some of my thoughts.
So, we where thinking about supporting ADC, how do a network with ADC clients and DC clients work together?
Pretty much all clients that have been updated in the past 2-4(?) years support ADC. There isn't really a reason to worry about that, unless your userbase is the kind that prefers to run really outdated software. (There are communities which prefer the pre-TTH DC clients, for example. That won't work with ADC.)

As for ADC hubs, I am aware of three:
- ADCH++
- Flexhub
- uhub

Flexhub supports having both old-style NMDC users and ADC users on the same hub, but in my opinion that only causes confusion - NMDC users can't download from ADC users and vice-versa.

I don't think any of those hubs interface directly with MySQL, so you'll likely have to do some coding. The Python plugin support for ADCH++ shouldn't make that very hard, I hope.

Regarding IPv6: Unless you feel like experimenting with it, I wouldn't advise it at this point. Many clients still do not support IPv6 yet. Having both IPv6 and IPv4 users in a single hub is an easy way to get people confused, because, currently, a client can only be active on *either* of the two protocols, not both. So a passive IPv4 user can't download from an active IPv6 user and vice versa. You may also run into cases where user A can download from user B, but user B someone can't connect to user A. These problems won't happen when you stick to an IPv4-only or IPv6-only hub.