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Workgroup for crypto on ADC

Posted: 04 Oct 2012, 21:26
by klondike
Hi guys!

I'd like to start a workgroup for getting propper crypto in ADC here are some of the things I have in mind:
  • Public key based PIDs and CIDs
  • Improved SUDP (with authenticated encryption)
  • Certificate based client authentication on ADCS connections
  • Secure password based login and credential storage (maybe based on SRP or a similar system)
  • SHA-3 support as session hash and file hash algorithm.
The list is of course open for edits (and since we can't do it on the forum I have set up a wiki page for this ).

Re: Workgroup for crypto on ADC

Posted: 11 Oct 2012, 20:58
by klondike
Here are the first proposed extensions PIDK, allowing the derivation of shared keys through the hub from the user PIDs and ECID allowing for the use of elliptic curve cryptography to identify clients (including MITM avoidance when using SSL connections).