ONID - LoL regions

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ONID - LoL regions

Post by poy » 31 May 2014, 07:29


LoL regions are now officially documented in the Riot Games API at <https://developer.riotgames.com/docs/regional-endpoints>. "NA" seems to be missing (though it is present in other parts of the API).

Here is a patch for our region list:

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Index: ADC-ONIDServices.txt
--- ADC-ONIDServices.txt	(revision 122)
+++ ADC-ONIDServices.txt	(working copy)
@@ -74,7 +74,10 @@
 |eune |EU Nordic and East
 |euw |EU West
 |kr |Korea
+|lan |Latin America North
+|las |Latin America South
 |na |North America
+|oce |Oceania
 |tr |Turkey
 |ru |Russia