RSX++ 1.00 Beta 2

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RSX++ 1.00 Beta 2

Post by adrian_007 » 18 Feb 2008, 21:00

  • * updated to StrongDC++ 2.11
    * PCRE updated to 7.5
    * Lua updated to 5.1.3
    * added Custom ADLSearch Points
    * added favorite hubs grouping
    * added support for plugins + plugin's toolbar
    * added raw commands logging
    * added option to sort protected users first/after favs (depending on other settings)
    * added option to color cdm debug frame content via lua function Colorize
    * added option to show ip and/or country in chat
    * added option to use Lua in raws
    * some GUI changes/improvements
    * improved Client & MyINFO detector (fixed some crashes)
    * extended IP Watch
    o match methods: wildcards, regexp, range check
    o option to check ip or host name
    o option to set isp after detection
    * threaded raw sender rewritten
    * fixed some deadlocks in special cases
    * fixes and improvements from ApexDC++ (progressbar mainly)
    * fixed lua functions in UserConnection class
    * removed ISP List (split with IPWatch)
    * removed favorite importer (now it's stand-alone application)
    * removed media players support
    * removed option to disable PFS - now it's always enabled
    * removed PeerGuardian support

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