Strongdc++ 2.12

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Strongdc++ 2.12

Post by Kryppy » 29 Feb 2008, 20:25

Download homepage

* fixed some rare crashes
* fixed tree list children counting (search, transfers)
* fixed upload timeleft
* added slow segments overlapping when file download is going to be finished
* usernicks CPU optimization for NMDC
* fixed last segment status in Transfer window
* no more .antifrag extension (old temp files still supported)
* changed the way of chat autoscrolling
* rewritten chat menu code
* updated client profiles URL
* removed option to disable real upload queue
* removed bad software detection
* improved partial file sharing
* fixed possible deadlock
* display "All download slots taken" when maximum segments reached
* removed horizontal chat/userlist layout to allow compiling with default WTL
* other fixes

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