StrongDC++ 2.2

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StrongDC++ 2.2

Post by Toast » 07 Jul 2008, 18:26

  • added some other libraries which could cause crash
  • fixed that Windows subfolders were shared
  • fixed problems with disabled segmented downloads
  • fixed remote exploit (THX Fartman)
  • whole folder can be downloaded without downloading whole filelist
  • added "Browse filelist" to userlist/transferlist default actions
  • fixed usercommands in PM tab context menu
  • updated bzip2
  • fixed some problems with returning search results (DC++ BZR)
  • some fixes to chat formatting
  • fixed some crashes
  • implemented Quick Search function (ApexDC++)
  • fixed finished items' total size
  • added option to place usercommands outside of submenu
  • bars positions and sizes are saved
  • search interval is hub dependent
  • upload slots settings has its own page
  • ADL search is done via regexp
  • fixed partial file sharing
  • added option to set maximum auto-opened slots (old Kulmegil's patch)
  • implemented some tweaks to hash progress dialog (old Kulmegil's patch)
  • fixed memory leak in network settings (ApexDC++)
  • fixes for partial file sharing
  • added support for encrypted NMDC transfers
  • implemented new clients detection system (THX adrian_007)
  • added temporary fix to avoid spamming ports 80 and 2501
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