RSX++ 1.00

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RSX++ 1.00

Post by adrian_007 » 10 Aug 2008, 23:29

finally, a stable release!
also, this version is the first client with native x64 support (binaries are for 32 and 64 bit)

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** RSX++ 1.00 ** 10/08/2008
 ** updated to StrongDC++ 2.21
 ** added new detection engine to fit ADC protocol and for optimization
 ** MyINFO detector replace with User Info Detector (ADC compatible)
 ** fixed many critical bugs
 ** fixed most of deadlocks
 ** added test box for protected users pattern in fav dialog
 ** added new HTTP content download manager (replaced old UpdateManager)
 ** default icons changed (thx I.nfraR.ed)
 ** PluginAPI strongly rebuilt, which includes
	- added option to manage User Connections
	- added own string class implementation (support unicode & wide char) - now plugins doesn't depend on used STL implementation
	- added option to add dialog into settings dialog in client (see Plugins page)
	- added option to store settings per hub (see iClient class header)
 ** fixed Plugin Toolbar buttons order
 ** added option to manage scripts via GUI (View -> Scripts List - avoid loading scripts inside of script)
 ** many optimizations in random places ;)
 ** extended /sc command (supports custom checks, e.g "/sc c", supported params: c, f, all)
 ** added Max Chat Buffer Size setting
 ** improved Custom ADLSearch Points System
 ** File List Generator temporary suspended
 ** added option to set IP/Country Code in chat per hub
 ** when detector is manually stopped, checked items are automatically removed from queue
 ** removed Threaded Raw Sender
 ** initial release of 64-bit version