jUCy 0.61

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jUCy 0.61

Post by Toast » 02 Sep 2008, 19:25

Release Notes:
Finally version 0.61 is out. And starting with this version UC will have the name jUCy (UC for short will stay) ... as it was time that the client finally got one. Though this has some ugly side effects .. Updating to this version will not work properly. So I recommend just downloading it anew.

Besides some large changelog, again there is now some Notepad-plugin available that should give you some notpad functionality like many are accustomed from other clients.

  • ADC Version 1.0 implemented seems to work though needs some more testing. It should work, but primary purpose for now is testing.
  • Downloadlimiter implemented (Was in settings present but never implemented) (There is no Uploadlimiter)
  • Fixed Bug introduced with 0.60: Hubnames in Search not shown on Windows OS older than Vista
  • Fixed Bug: When TTH was on search but Searchtype was not tth but any or video no result was generated
  • Added some widgets to the Statusline. Showing some Info like Progress on long running jobs, open hubs, speed and total transferred data
  • UPnP is now implemented to help forwarding ports when a NAT is present.
  • Restarting UC on update should now work better as the database is now properly closed on shutdown.
  • Fixed Problem with Keyboard input in FavHubs (on Nick, Description and Email Navigating with arrows and deleting was impossible)
  • Client-Client Connections are no longer directly disconnected after a transfer finishes. Now DC++ segmented downloads work at normal speed from UC.