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jUCy v0.63

Posted: 28 Sep 2008, 06:52
by Toast
Release Notes:
With Version 0.63 there is next to nothing new.

Only a little changelog. But most important point is that jUCy is now running on java 5 instead of java 6. Which makes it possible now to run it on more systems. MacOSX version was tested and works! jay!

  • In the preferences can now be set what should be shown in statusbar.
  • Automatic check for updates. (Disable it on Misc Preferencepage if you don't want that)
  • jUCy is now backported to java5 so you no longer need java6 to run it -> now possible to run it on Mac
  • Fixed Bug in Personal Information preferencepage. Description could not be set.. also spaces were not allowed.