jUCy 0.64

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jUCy 0.64

Post by Toast » 26 Oct 2008, 17:14

  • Added possibility to change colours and font for all Editors
  • Search Editor improvements (Search only OP-hubs and only user with free slots were not implemented, order of hubs is now the same as in FavHubs)
  • A Plugin that shows graphical smileys is now available
  • Hovering over transfers shows now additional info. (Full path to file, Stats on stuff left in Queue for user)
  • Image URLs get now some glasses icon after them. Clicking on that icon will show the image within jUCy.
  • Correction to FavHubs .. they were only stored permanently if the FavHubs window was closed.
  • Fixed image loading bug primarily happening on Mac, sometimes on Linux and next to never on Windows.
  • Its now possible to override the default charset on a per hub basis. This can be used in Russian (or other non windows 1252) NMDC based hubs that often use a different codepage than its common in DC.
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