ApexDC 1.2.0 Beta

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ApexDC 1.2.0 Beta

Post by Pietry » 28 Dec 2008, 20:52

A little bit late, but here it goes
  • Merge: SDC merge
  • Plugin: Lua plugin (BCDC++ implantation & RSX++ Windows extension)
  • Feature: Added short/human readable magnet links feature (partly from patch partly remade)
  • Feature: New CDM (created together with Adrian/RSX++)
  • Feature: Added runtime (re)load/unload for plugins
  • Feature: Dropdown menu for favorite hubs button (like newer DC++ GUI, ie. smartwin)
  • Feature: Another dropdown menu for public hublists button (allows you to choose the hublist)
  • Feature: System log window (ended up being little different from DC++'s)
  • Fix: Few x64 fixes from RSX++
  • Fix: Possible crashes & other issues with "Get IP Address" button (might be removed entirely in future as obsolete)
  • Fix: Few issues related to shellmenu in finished transfers
  • Fix: Plugins onLoad() function's return value actually matters now
  • Fix: MDI drawing issues with Aero, since after almost one year of vista MS still doesn't seem to bother
  • Change: Added more temp file extensions to the "Remove forbidden" feature
  • Change: Some Win32 specific plugin functions added
  • Change: Moved "Share skiplist" to share page
  • Change: Auto updater puts possible plugins in correct location now...
  • Change: Now displays names of plugins loaded on startup (ie. Loading: SamplePlugin.dll)
  • Change: Plugins settings management/format changed
  • Change: Removed obsolete option about old clients
  • Change: Some StringDefs cleanup
  • Change: Sample plugin optimized/updated.
  • Change: Plugins should be "safe" now (StrData, instead of std::string, needs to eventually use plain char/wchar)
  • Change: Resources loading reworked
  • Change: Less QueueManager calls with threaded detections
  • Change: IPGuard patches (more selective about what can and can't be blocked, ie. anti-abuse)
  • Change: Stuff regarding stealthy style progressbars (hopefully fixed look on XP)
  • Change: Using values returned by GetSystemMetrics in some places opposed to estimated constant values
  • Change: "Remove forbidden" and "Share skiplist" priorities changed
  • Change: Lot of plugin changes in general (uses structures to transmit info rather than passing the objects as interfaces f.ex.)
  • Change: Clean up in few places, some sanity checks
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