AirDC++ 2.05

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AirDC++ 2.05

Post by en_dator » 18 Jan 2009, 23:19

A new release of AirDC++, smoking hot.

If you don't know what AirDC++ is, this is the time to check it out

We try to make it the best client for the serious user, with functions our users want.
When others say it cant be done - we release
  • Configurable file refresh, both on startup and ordinary.
  • Keeps shared paths in settings even if they arent avaliable on startup - ready to add them whenever they get avaliable.
  • Updated language files are automatically detected and installed using the update dialog.
  • When browsing a filelist all files you already have are clearly marked so you know what is new, and what you already have.
  • Improved compability with older clients that do not support partial filelists (not perfect yet).
  • Skiplist for share - so you dont accidentaly share crap files or other things you dont want shared.
  • Skiplist for download - dont want those log files? Easy, just add them to skiplist.
  • Got tired of the tab dance ;) AirDC++ got nice tabs where you are in control.
(Job offer avaliable - we are looking for a willing translator to continue updating Italian and Portuguese languages, if you are interested just come by and say hi.)

  • Most missing strings in translations fixed.
  • Speed up client startup, share refresh starts with a delay.
  • Fix natural sort in search.
  • Fix copy in search.
  • If partial filelist fails when searching for alternates then grab whole list and match queue
  • If browse filelist fails then grab whole list
  • Change back to PCRE Regexp engine and updated PCRE to 7.7
  • Support for FulDC Regexp ADLSearch files and hopefully better compabality when loading others to.
  • Fixed System log button is not pressed if system log is closed from tab.
  • Added remember filetype of last search
  • Fixed crash on pm
  • Updated PCRE to 7.8
  • Sdc svn 426 merge
  • Fixed ADL RegExp crash when opening multiple file lists at once.
  • Fixed crash when sending pm
  • Added some more strings in translations fixed
  • Fixed Copy size in DirectoryListingFrame
  • Fixed Copy path so full directory is copied in DirectoryListingFrame ADL directory
  • Added Max resize lines(ApexDC++)
  • Added Don't share empty directories(ApexDC++)
  • Added Only share fully hashed directories(ApexDC++)
  • Added Don't show emoticons in messages with links(ApexDC++)
  • Fixed adcs:// links
  • Added Right-click Usercommands can be used on own nick in main chat
  • Added Refresh delay setting for the startup refresh
  • Removed winamp frame
  • Shared path is remembered in settings on startup if forget to start external hdd or something
  • Added Readable magnet links
  • Fixes for partial and Filelists from searchframe
  • Added client command /uptime
  • Added Option to grant Free slots to fellow AirDC++ users ;)
  • Changed style to Black and white
  • Fixed Remove file from queue for filelists

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