AirDC++ 2.01

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AirDC++ 2.01

Post by Toast » 08 Jan 2008, 19:56

Download Homepage

Changelog for AirDC++ 2.01
  • Removed Limiter
    Re-arranged Toolbar, Deleted some buttons (Need a new toolbar image, similiar pics as AirDC had)
    Changed Background Color & Text color
    Added regexp to ADL Search, with additional support for old fulDC/AirDC++ format searches
    Added background image
    Added reconnect disconnected
    Changed some Default Settings
    Added Hideshare
    New Tabs style
    Added TabsPage in settings
    Added Multimark in hublist
    Added ignore PM to hubs
    Added Support for iTunes, Mpc , WMP, Winamp
    Added Media toolbar
    Added winamp window
    Added IgnoreManager
    Added Peerguardian
    Added Add to fav if speed is more than
    Added Open x hubs on start
    Added Virus scan after dl
    Small fixes
    Moved Max tab rows to TabsPage
    Added Update ip on Startup
    Some ADLSearch fixes
    Added Client command /prvstats
    Added Client Command /speed
    /help in English now
    Added show Client Commands
    Added show server commands
    Added AirDownloadsPage
    Extrapage is now AirDCPage
    New settings Tree order
    Added skiplist for share
    Added minislots for extension
    Added Custom popups, Popup Bitmap (ApexDC++ style settings)
    Added AirSharingPage in settings
    Moved Minislots for extension to AirSharingPage
    Moved skiplist for share to AirSharingPage
    Moved Background Image setting to AirDCPage
    New Settings Tree icons
    Added Skiplist for Download
    Added HighPrio Files
    Added "remove File from queue" in Transfers righclick menu
    Added possibility to Copy Directoryname in filelistMenu
    Added Copy Path in filelistMenu
    Added CopyMenu in TransferView
    Added FlashWindow Options
    Added Highlights
    Added AutosearchPage(min autosearch time 3min)
    -Results Download
    -Add to queue
    Added Pause in HashProgress
    Added AirAppearancePage
    Moved Background image setting to AirAppearancePage
    Moved Flashwindow options to AirAppearancePage
    Moved NAtural sort option to AirAppearancePage
    Moved Show Server&Client commands options to AirAppearancePage
    Added Toolbar Icon Size Setting to allow different TB sizes.
    Added Get IP button
    Added Setting to enable highlights or not
    Added Dupe color setting
    Added Option to disable Progress Bars in queue
    Added client command /df
    Added client command /info
    Fixed ADL
    Fixed rightclick in filelists
    Added CDM switch on/off

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