Apex DC 1.2.0

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Apex DC 1.2.0

Post by Pietry » 12 Apr 2009, 06:54

ApexDC 1.2.0 Stable is released

  • Merge: SDC 2.22
  • Fix: Lua plugin, timer
  • Fix: Lua plugin, SendHubMessage
  • Fix: Lua plugin, Workaround for parsing %[lua:...] in user commands provided by scripts
  • Fix: Get IP Address button
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed persistent Ignores (long standing issue)
  • Change: Confirmation dialogs now have those nice checkboxes
  • Change: Lua plugin, added /luamem command
  • Change: UserMap is back (threaded checking done same way as in 1.1.0)
  • Change: Hide share improved for ADC(S)
  • Change: Plugins mostly rewritten (no more StrData, something from ADCH++ etc.)
  • Change: Additional media spams (ie. all but winamp) moved to a plugin.
  • Change: Media Toolbar is back in the form of a plugin (see above)
  • Change: Other minor things and code clean up
  • Removed: IPGuard

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