rsx++ 1.1

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rsx++ 1.1

Post by adrian_007 » 01 Sep 2009, 20:07

toast is kinda lazy these days....



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** RSX++ 1.1 ** 30/08/2009
 ** updated to StrongDC++ 2.30
 ** PluginAPI => PluginSDK (rewritten, ANSI C compatible)
 ** new lua interface (LuaAPI), more cool, better etc. no need for startup.lua, all old scripts are incompatible
 ** fixed numerous bugs (see bugtrack on launchpad)
 ** added spell checker
 ** Lua updated to 5.1.4
 ** small icons improvements
 ** removed RSXSettings.xml, now everything is stored in DCPlusPlus.xml
 ** memory optimizations
 ** boost & stlport also updated
 ** new shutdown sheduler
 ** experimental support for NAT-PMP (supported mostly by Apple devices - or my linksys router :)
 ** moved to sourceforge fully, now for bugreports use Trac, forum is also moved to new place
 ** removed user's ignore feature (ignore.lua will do it)
for info about plugins and scripts, check forum.