StrongDC++ 2.11

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StrongDC++ 2.11

Post by Kryppy » 20 Jan 2008, 09:38

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Changelog :

* fixed many crashes
* fixed problem with minislots
* fixed file size in Upload queue window
* fixed DNS resolving for favorite hub's IP
* reverted storing user's first nick to have it for offline users
* fixed storing partially downloaded chunks
* fixed slow downloads disconnecting
* fixed antifragment downloading
* "Download finished" popup is displayed only when whole file is complete
* Socks5 password field isn't readable
* hopefully fixed some problems with downloading from filelists
* switched to VS 2008
* updated bzip2
* fixed an issue with nick encodings and nmdc connections (DC++ SVN)
* autopriority enabled only when other priority not selected
* double-sized chunks for really fast users
* reverted only unique TTHs in queue
* fixed unavailable filelist reporting (THX redsaq)
* workaround for some lagging routers (THX klirik)
* bloom filters changed (DC++ SVN)
* fixed some problem with search results
* added user menu items to nick's context menu in PM

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