Luadch v0.07

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Luadch v0.07

Post by Toast » 19 Jul 2008, 07:50

  • rewrote hub.c, will write exception file for fatal errors
  • added simple preprocessor ( pre.lua ) to run luadch in debug/release mode
  • improved restarthub: hub will be restarted from c with new lua state
  • removed main.lua and useless coroutines
  • rewrote complete server.lua, its possible now to add or remove server during runtime
  • rewrote out.lua, cfg.lua, created log directory
  • rewrote and renamed startup.lua, forced luadch to use locals only
  • cached a lot of table lookups ( in some scripts virtually all )
  • splitted scriptmanager from hub.lua
  • joined hub.lua and luadch.lua to share common upvalues
  • changed parameters of many functions from one table to multiple arguments to save table creation/lookups
  • changed script api: scripts have access to most modules
  • removed admin.lua and luaterm
  • removed privacy from objects to save table lookups and metamethods
  • added escape functions to adclib, because the lua version was too slow
  • added utf8 stuff to adclib
  • outgiong/incoming data will be checked for utf8 format now
  • scripts will be checked for utf8 now
  • utf8 BOM will be deleted from scripts now
  • renamed settings.tbl and user.txt
  • added automatic backups for user.tbl and cfg.tbl
  • removed i18n from cfg.lua
  • removed stack overflow caused from bots sending to bots sending to bots sending...
  • added new methods to adc objects
  • fixed make_cert
  • fixed luadch crash on ubuntu hardy, caused from wrong compiler options for posix ( thanks VidFamne for report )
  • removed coxpcall
  • updated scripts for new api
  • added new scripts:
  • unban.lua
  • help.lua
  • delreg.lua
  • userinfo.lua
  • error.lua
  • setpas.lua
  • upgrade.lua
  • introduced new scripting style for better readability
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