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DSHub Kappa RC1

Post by Toast » 09 Oct 2008, 16:21

A new release is out, having multiple improvements like :
- ADCS is now available ( ADC Secure extension )
- important GUI changes
- old clients are not supported anymore ( non ADC 1.0 clients ) so for the popular client DC++, only 0.704 or newer based clients ( around that version ).
- also the port in use bug on linux version should be fixed.
- chatcontrol bugs should have also been fixed.
Enjoy the new version.

  • added startup command line option -nogui that starts dshub with no gu;
  • grouped the commands from the accounts editing page
  • gui X button now closes again
  • fixed bug when some disconnecting messages were lost
  • the message for non BASE clients should be visible now
  • fixed #276193
  • added the adcs command, config and regs will be lost;
  • removed BAS0 support so old clients will NOT be able to connect starting from this version
  • edited the motd a bit
  • fixed #276197
  • fixed #255040
  • fixed #259694
  • updated jython to 2.5a3 hope it works better
  • added delete account button so now delete key isn't the only way to delete a reg via GUI
  • modified advanced tab info boxes with message dialogs instead of older ugly frames
  • the new adcs tab is an easy setup mode for adcs
  • main interface changed, frontpage changed more towards a hubsoft map
  • made the plugin gui list a little bit smaller;
  • dshub uses now the crypto library bouncycastle, http://www.bouncycastle.org
  • created initial ADCS support and adcs package;
  • fixed bug when empty command would crash onRawCommand on RSS feed plugin
  • updated MINA to 2.0.0M3
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