DSHub Theta RC3

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DSHub Theta RC3

Post by Toast » 08 Jan 2008, 20:44

Download Homepage

Changes include : some fixes, also redirects are now available, chatcontrolling searches as well, and a windows installer, or some gui looks.

  • * topic is saved on the spot into config;
    * fixed chatcontrol cmd flags;
    * fixed hubtracker command showing;
    * solved hideme error msg;
    * added manual src;
    * updated the installer and readme;
    * updated main page;
    * updated some gui looks on misc settings;
    * fixed possible exception;
    * moved logs to log dir
    * modules reworking;
    * created nsis installer for dshub windows;
    * created JSmooth project file for windows exe creating ( http://sf.net/projects/jsmooth )
    * fixed small issue with files path;
    * new flag 256 for chatcontrol search check;
    * new checkbox in GUI for search chatcontrol;
    * added chatcontrol search possibility;
    * fixed bug with granting all;
    * redirecting on STA error should work now;
    * hope that hub_host works better now;
    * added a text field and commands for it ;
    * redirect_url variable added;
    * extended redirect should work now;
    * redirecting nicks and regex should work now;
    * redirect is now an attribute grantable ( accounts reset );
    * fixed modules dissapearing from GUI from last svn
    * redirect framework , added basic CID redirect
    * fixed bug with help text dissapearing