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DSHub Theta RC4

Post by Pietry » 23 Jan 2008, 21:00

This release brings a lot of new stuff.
ADC 1.0 is now officially supported so please note that older clients will have LOTS of PROBLEMS like :
-they wont be able to use PASSWORDS
-keys will not be VISIBLE.
Please update your client to Strongdc 2.1x or Apex DC 1.0 Beta 5 or to DC++ 0.704 as they are the ones supporting ADC 1.0
( or live with the unexpected ;))
Other changes : Multiport server is now available ! You can setup as many ports as you like, no restart no nothing ! Plain and simple.
The PING extension is now implemented ! From now on , pingers supporting it will get from your hub everything they need including hub_host, maximum users minimum share and so on :) You can also autoregister on all the hublists supporting it if you like via the PingHH plugin ( read more in the manual or the help ).

Enjoy DSHub Theta RC 4 !
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Re: DSHub Theta RC4

Post by Toast » 23 Jan 2008, 21:26


*** Theta RC 4 23.01.2008 ***
  • * added hublist command in plugin that handles hublist thingies;
    * ping extension complete advertising PING now;
    * ping registering should work now via GUI;
    * added UC to ping ext;
    * adding removing and editing hublists via GUI should work now;
    * ping plugin now saves hublists in a file hublists.txt;
    * more work on ping plugin;
    * fixed bug when renaming message "no such user online" was printed anyway;
    * deleting redirect_url with cfg redirect_url works now;
    * started work on ping hub-hublist plugin;
    * STA messages changed to 1.0
    * bots are now CT5 instead of BO1
    * ADC 1.0 partial support, this means : client type
    Note : old clients may still connect even if they dont have TIGR advertised.
    * ADC 1.0 partial support, this means : old type passwords
    * hub_host should be smartly updated when updating ports;
    * hub_host must now include a port;
    * fixed issue with hub_host and multi ports;
    * added initial support for the PING ADC extension;
    * multiport server should be functional now;
    * created add and remove buttons for ports;
    * created a table for ports including the 3 columns;
    * some port gui work;
    * can dinamically add/rem ports via command or console;
    * ports have status , OK or DEAD;
    * port command has changed, list add or remove ports;
    * some BIG stuff : finally multiport server... testing only;
    * created constants for broadcast types;
    * title show 2008
    * fixed chatcontrol modification showing only first word;
    * fixed chatcontrol search problem;
    * fixed chatcontrol unable to add \s in regexp;
    * fixed #1863452
    * fixed #1864463;
    * to toast pleasure, chatcontrol op notifier now includes ip and cid;
    * fixed some chatcontrol flags;
    * rewritten adding, quitting users, also iterating;
    * moved all users to linked list from java;
    * connection and synchronised shit;
    * some debugging logs added;