FlexHub Beta 0.1 - svn 1046 released

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FlexHub Beta 0.1 - svn 1046 released

Post by FlipFlop™ » 21 Mar 2011, 12:47

FlexHub is multiprotocol hubsoft for Linux and Windows, allowing both NMDC and ADC users to connect to the same port. Cross-protocol mainchat/pm is possible, ofcourse downloading can only be done between users with the same protocol.

It features a full set of operator and admin commands, hublist registration, rulebased redirects, traffic reducement options and advanced flood/spam control.

This is the hubsoft only, the FlexGui will be released separately, but the hub contains all the commands to customize it fully. It doesn't need any compiling, runs straight out of the box.

- FlexGui (a complete graphical userinterface for local and remote control)
- Ptokax Lua API to support Ptokax scripts to run on Flexhub
- Multilingual support

Warning: this is still a beta version and there will be bugs lurking. When you encounter those, please report them on https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub with details about how to recreate it if possible.

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/flexhubdc

To report a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/flexhub
For instructions, check the wiki: http://flexhub.org/wiki
For discussions, comments or questions: http://flexhub.org
For support visit the hub: dchub://support.flexhub.org:8000 or adc://support.flexhub.org:8000