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Releasebot thoughts

Post by Toast » 26 Apr 2008, 07:17


Everyone should know what a release bot is or what it does but if you don't ill make a short rundown of what it does. A Release bot shows available software in the hub. It saves release names in a XML structure. Any ideas or input is really appreciated since improvement is a good thing for Direct Connect Network. I started sketching this idea for java since its the language i'm learning but don't be discouraged to submit your ideas or even example code in other programing languages since others can use it for other release bots or other software.

Here is a example of a current release bot
adding example
<user> +add app "someappname"
<bot> User: <name> added "someappname"

listing example
<user> +list releases
<bot> <sends releaselist in pm or in main>
Current Release bots:
The New Releasebot

Well what a release bot needs is a XML Writer/Reader and a Parser

Got a tip from a friend about a XML Standard

These are the basic feats for a release bot should be pretty easy to do.
But i want to add some advanced features like

SFV Grabber

Well here is an idea i'm not sure of if its possible but thats what i use this forum for to get it explained for me. The idea is a users adds a release to the bot the bot then grabs the SFV file from that release and adds the data to a XML or something equivalent. Now u might be asking yourself why in the hell would anyone want this feature well this is to ensure that the "first" release that was added was a clean release untampered from the scene (common problem on Direct Connect Networks).
<user> +getsfv <releasename>
<bot> SFV Checksum for <releasename>

; Using hkSFV on 04.26.2008 at 08:59:16
; 4745995 20:08.27 2008-04-22 example.exe
example.exe 1116e9d9
Request Thingy

Another thing Spader enlighten me to was that request in release bots could use a fill function

an example of current requests in releasebots
<user> +request "releasename"
<bot> user: <name> added a request <releasename>
Now Spaders idea was to have a fill function
Step 1
<user> +request add "releasename"
<bot> user: <name> added a request <releasename>
Step 2
<user1> +request add "releasename"
<bot> user: <name> added a request <releasename>
<user2> +request fill "releasename"
<bot> user: <user2> filled <user1> request for: <releasename>

Request list check
<user>+request list
<bot> <sends request list > unfilled and filled
<releasename> wanted by: <user> status: unfilled
<releasename> wanted by: <user> status: filled
if a release name is filled in release list and found in request list then it should move from status unfilled to filled.

Self Cleaner

The idea is that request unfilled or filled has a limited time in the list to old stuff don't add up there
so it should be time limited ex. 30 days etc.

Auto announcer

This Idea from Megatron
For those clients that support plugins to make a auto annoucer plugin.

Well this is all i got atm more ideas and thoughts is wanted from developers/user

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Re: Releasebot thoughts

Post by Spader » 26 Apr 2008, 19:04


a idea I have is if user1 add an request on release and later other user add same release in release bot should the request be autofilled

I have seen in my hub users put in request later other user put in same release in release bot but they don´t filled request.

user1 +add req <releasename>


user2 +add rel <releasename>

they bot autofill user1s request

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Re: Releasebot thoughts

Post by tonimontana » 10 Apr 2010, 13:32

There is an awesome Release & Request bot available for PtokaX and Eximius Hubsoft.
If somebody would convert this bot for the use with an ADC hub then you would have nearly what
you want Toast.
The bot is named: MLink_Lib_v2_0_LUA5_1

you can add/remove categories
you can add/remove releases
you can add/remove requests
you can add description to the releases
you can add web links to the release
you can add magnet links to the release
you can vote for releases
you can add comments to the releases
you can nuke releases
bot includes a nice wizard
bot includes a dupe control (releases with the same name cant be added)

The only thing this bot doesnt include is a sfv check.

this is defenitly my favorite Release & Request bot and i would be happy to see
that somebody convert it for the use with an ADC hub (ADCH++ or luadch prefered).


P.S.: i can provide this bot if somebody wanna convert it (if you dont find it)

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Re: Releasebot thoughts

Post by Sulan » 10 Apr 2010, 16:16

Would be nice to test it with ADCH++ PtokaX script. Could you please provide the bot/script so i can test it?

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Re: Releasebot thoughts

Post by Sulan » 10 Apr 2010, 19:51

It loaded for me without errors, now i just have to figure out how to use it. It appears as the script have usercommands, those needs to be changed.

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Re: Releasebot thoughts

Post by pR0Ps » 14 Dec 2010, 15:30

I have spent some time with this bot fixing some of the errors in the script and modifying it for use with the hub I run. You can find it in the thread here:, ... l#msg79606