DC Hublink 1.2.2

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DC Hublink 1.2.2

Post by Kryppy » 21 Feb 2008, 06:46

DC-hublink is a Direct Connect and IRC chat link with anti-flood & autoreconnecting. CPU is 0-5% (25 hubs, 15K users). Excludes 3 nicks per hub, large posts, and 'bad words'. For all hubs (ADC & NMDC), all clients, all IRC servers; no scripts needed

Download Homepage

  • Fixed: OpChat & Chatroom messages were being interpreted as hub security messages warning the link about hub restrictions when sending PMs as response to user requests (...). Now changed this functionality to be only triggered when the security bot, supposed to be in the first Exclude field, equals the "alternate sender" in PM messages.
  • Fixed: unicode support for IRC to ADC (as NMDC doesn't support Unicode, I just can't do this for NMDC)
  • Fixed: reconnecting to IRC server on "ping timeout" message from IRC server
  • Fixed: delay on clicking Config Screen after startup has now been minimized
  • Fixed: Registry entry was changed since 1.2.1. Is now back to the old one, so you might want to check the Config and / or IRC screen (sorry for the inconvenience - I will make an XML file for the settings to be stored in and retrieved from in the next release)