NetChatLink Alpha 4

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NetChatLink Alpha 4

Post by pR0Ps » 14 May 2011, 06:46

NetChatLink Alpha 4:

SourceForge page
Download link

A small application that links chats across multiple DC hubs and IRC channels. Based heavily on MyIrcDcLinks by Burek. Includes support for the ADC protocol, chat filtering, anti-flood control, op commands, and more. Runs on all flavors of Windows and works in WINE.


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NetChatLink Alpha 4 - A lot of changes, probably a few bugs
Fix: Will no longer respond to hub-described bots in ADC
Fix: Now sends messages to chats that are connected, even if they aren't enabled
Fix: Crash on uninitilized ADC SID array in certain cases
Fix: Character encoding bugs
Fix: Links command now shows all connected connections, not enabled ones
Fix: Messages will no longer send from connections that are not fully connected
Fix: Memory leak
Fix: Connections can no longer have the same name (caused problems with ini parsing)
Fix: Tab ordering and alt+character shortcuts
Added: Extensible framework for storing user information
Added: Save and clear options for debug log
Added: Seperate queue and rate control for PMs and mainchat messages
Added: Ability to ignore PMs and mainchat from users
Added: GUI interface for managing users (User control panel)
Added: Hub user quit detection (Remove from OPList/SID table)
Change: Connections are now sorted by name
Change: ADC blocked, OPs and controlling users now based off name, not SID
Change: Better layout when using links command
Change: Made main GUI easier to use/understand (merged Add and Update together)
Change: Ignoring users to blocking users
Change: Hub now disconnects when updating it to apply settings

NetChatLink Alpha 3 - IRC fixes
Added: All Chan/NickServ messages are sent to debug messages
Added: More specific error messages
Added: Flexible channel list parser
Fix: NickServ IDENTIFY parameters corrected
Fix: When post rate was 0 no messages would send.
Fix: Joining multiple IRC channels with channel key(s) present
Fix: Stripping channel keys out of channel text

NetChatLink Alpha 2 - Working out the ADC kinks and some new features
Added: Per-connection option to control minimum time between chat messages (anti-flood)
Added: Multiline messages can now be sent one chat message per line
Added: Status icon for disabled connection (will still change if manually connected to)
Fix: ADC OP SIDs are loaded on connect
Fix: Displaying the oplist of an ADC hub now outputs the nicks, not the SIDs
Fix: ADC Multiline messages now sent properly when sending in one line chunks

NetChatLink Alpha 1 - Bugfixes, changes and feature additions from codebase
Added: Hubs and IRC channels are now identified by name
Added: IRC channel keys are now supported
Added: Debug log
Added: ADC compatibility
Added: GUI improvements (Adding a new connection selects it, deleting a connection selects the next item)
Added: More status icons (off or error/connecting/connected and logged in)
Added: About tab
Fix: Empty NMDC '$Support' command not supported by some hubsofts, changed to '$Support NoHello NoGetInfo'
Fix: Sending a chat message while a connection wasn't fully logged in would cause problems. Chats are now locked until they're ready to recieve messages
Fix: Escaped <-> Unescaped conversions (ADC <-> NMDC)
Change: GUI size is now limited
Change: Prefix is now completely up to the user (WYSIWYG, no extra characters)
Change: Cleaner message display format (Used to be '<Bot> {Prefix}Nick: Msg', is now '<Bot> <PrefixNick> Msg')
Change: Message is not broadcasted by default anymore in code (procedure must be called)
Change: Disabled GUI items when they have no effect (for clarity)

NetChatLink PreAlpha - Initial codebase
Known Issues:

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Can't log into a registered account with ADC due to problems with hashing.
Planned Alpha 5 features:

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Option for custom IRC login script (every server is different)
Mainchat feed with filtering by connection
Option to not send the first x line of chat (MOTD, login spam)
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