DC-Hublink 1.1.4

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DC-Hublink 1.1.4

Post by Pietry » 07 Feb 2008, 07:38

DC-hublink is a standalone program that can non-intrusively hook up to any Direct Connect hub without anything else needed

It will link main chat of all hubs connected, so a larger virtual chat hub is formed. With the default built-in functionality of filtering kick and ban messages, and operator and user commands, it only relays genuine chat commands.

Not online users (hub or scripted bots, fake nicks) will not be relayed either

DC-hublink allows you to:

* run a hublink from any place in the world without using more than 0-2% CPU
* create a hubnet-wide flood protection
* set maximum length for messages to be relayed
* block messages that contain certain words (case/space-insensitive)
* in- or exclude Operators (and up) from anti-flood countermeasures
* exclude messages from up to 3 nicks per hub

DC-hublink will spare you from:

* tampering with MOTD to show the hubs that are connected
* worrying about hubs that are or go offline
* heavy bandwidth traffic and CPU-load

DC-hublink will automatically:

* show total number of hubs connected, including total user count
* try to reconnect to hubs that are or go offline
* show all hubs connected, or all users connected (on user demand)

DC-hublink will work with any hub that supports Direct Connect's NMDC and ADC protocol, but has been explicitly tested with the following hubsofts:

* Verlihub 0.98c/d
* PtokaX 0.351/0.360
* Ynhub 1.1/1.33
* HeXHub 4.05 ']['EAMELiTE edition
* DSHub
Changed: performance problems loading nicklist on large primary hubs running Ynhub. Takes about 3 seconds per 1,000 users with my cheap 2.6 Celeron. I'd still advise to take a small hub as primary hub, but if you have none, at least this is a lot better. You can also Disable the nicklist (check the button on the nicklist) which will stop users being added to or removed from it

Added: Users in nicklist can be PM-ed now, just right-click on them
Added: A command to list all online users, per hub, including user count per hub. On request of Kevin H
Added: Nick change on Hexhub is now supported

Fixed: Speak in hub when only one hub connected
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