ADCH++ hide (third-party) commands (WIP)

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ADCH++ hide (third-party) commands (WIP)

Post by DjSlash » 16 Feb 2013, 22:20

Hi, I am working (and learning) on a script which allows for clients (bots) to get commands from the main chat, which are hidden from the other users. This may be by transforming the message to an private message or sending it only to the bot. I am not sure yet how I will end up with it. Right now I am a bit stuck on sending the message to the bot. So if anyone would like to share a tought, I would appreciate it.

I tought I could use, but it seems I'm using it wrong or just don't understand correctly what it does. This is what I used:

Code: Select all, from:getSID(), b:getSID())
The whole script is available as a github gist:

Please note that this is work in progress and is just a beginning.