[Request]DC Torrent Auto Downloader

Post finished Clientside Scripts here, known supporting clients for LUA scripting.
Note: Client must be ADC 1.0

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[Request]DC Torrent Auto Downloader

Post by tonimontana » 17 Apr 2010, 12:39

hello everybody,

i know the title of this topic might be a bit confusing
but i explain what i mean.
There is a plugin available for the irc client ChatZilla
and its called "irc Torrent Auto Downloader"

I think it would be great to have a similar plugin/script for the DC/ADC clients that have LUA script or Plugin support.
What this plugin does:
- it watch in the irc announce channel from private trackers for new torrents that get uploaded (the announce bots in the channels get their info from the RSS feed from the tracker)
- you can set several filters (so you only download the torrents that you want)
- the torrents can be send to the webui from the torrent client or downloaded to the torrent watch folder from the client (also uploading the torrent to ftp is supported (if a seedbox is used))
- this plugin supports more then 30 different private trackers (more trackers can be easily added if you have basic xml and regex knowledge)

Hope that somebody is in the mood to write such a script/plugin.

best regards


Re: [Request]DC Torrent Auto Downloader

Post by Toast » 17 Apr 2010, 14:05

We are actually talking about adopting ApexDC++ Plugin support for DC++ and ive even talked to Crise about a torrent addon using a torrent lib but that up to Crise to decide if he wants to do it or not but it is possible at least and with that api we get BCDC++ Lua API that Crise and Cologic has worked up to Cologic approval.

Basically what we are waiting on before implementing is Arnes approval