IPv6 coming with ADC into your computer

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IPv6 coming with ADC into your computer

Post by Pietry » 19 Apr 2008, 13:38

What is the IP? IP means Internet Protocol. It's the protocol that is the base for all Internet communication. IP does the network , routing part. Once you have a data link between more PCs , to transmit data you need a protocol that "knows" how to get from pc A to pc B. The IP uniquely identifies a computer in the internet by the IP address.
What is IPv4 ? The first version of IP with a mass-scale usage. The main thing to point out about this version is that the addresses are 32 bit sized. To write an IP we use the form x.x.x.x where x is a number between 0 and 255 . Why? because 32 bits = 4 bytes, and one byte is 0..255. Whats the downside of the IPv4 ? you can only have 2^32 addresses eg. a little above 4 billion. At the first glance that sounds large enough, but latest statistics are proving it wrong. The number of free IPv4 addresses i getting lower and lower.
What is IPv6 ? Improved IPv4. The main difference is that the address is 128 bits. That means 2^128 compared to 2^32. Doesn't sound much of a difference, but the number of addresses will be :
Wow, that's something.
To understand just how large that number is, recognize that the surface area of the earth is usually considered to be about 196,950,000 square miles.There are 5280*5280 square feet in a square mile, and 12*12 square inches in a square foot. Multiplying 196,950,000*5280*5280*12*12, we find that the approximate surface area of the earth is 790,653,726,720,000,000 square inches.
If you divide 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 by 790,653,726,720,000,000 (the approximate surface area of the earth in square inches) that implies you can assign over 3.7x10^21 addresses per square inch of the earth's surface. That should be enough addresses for most requirements, at least for the foreseeable future !
Allright, so what does this have to do with ADC ? ADC supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The protocol makes no distinction between them .
Currently, Windows Vista and all Linux distros support IPv6. As for geographical spreading, Japan is already almost full IPv6 functional.

Go ahead and try using IPv6 with ADC. I will do it as well soon enough.

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