ADCH++ - Compiling with Mingw on Windows

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ADCH++ - Compiling with Mingw on Windows

Post by Toast » 02 Apr 2008, 18:35

Compiling ADCH++ with Mingw on Windows
  • 1. Install Python
    2. Install scons
    3. Install swig
    4. Install boost (copy the contents of boost_1_33_1\boost to C:\Boost\include\boost-1_33_1\boost )
    5. Install mingw (not sure what parts are needed, but i got the gcc-core gcc-g++ binutils runtime utilities and w32api, and it works with all of them)
    6. Install Msys (part of mingw)
    7. Download and place Stlport 5.0.2 in the STLPort directory in Adchpp’s root directory
    8. Ensure Pyton, Swig and Mingw’s paths are available in %PATH%
    9. Compile STLPort
    • 1. Load up Msys
      2. Navigate to the STLPort\build\lib directory
      3. Type: make -f gcc.mak depend
      4. Type: make -f gcc.mak install
      5. Close Msys
    10. Compile Adchpp
    • 1. Goto adchpp directory
      2. To build in debug mode Type: scons to build in debug mode
      3. To build in release mode Type: scons mode=release
Credit for this tutorial goes to Pothead.

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Re: ADCH++ - Compiling with Mingw on Windows

Post by blastbeat » 02 Apr 2008, 21:49

mh i think this one doesnt work anymore, in this case you can try the following:

Code: Select all

1. Install Python 2.5.1 (

2. Install SCons 0.97 (

3. Install swigwin 1.3.32 (
   (extract into a "swig" folder)

4. Install MinGW (
   extract the contents of the following packages into a "mingw" folder:

5. change to mingw/bin and copy the files gcc-sjlj.exe, g++-sjlj.exe
   into the same folder; rename them to gcc.exe and g++.exe

6. Add Python, swig and mingw to PATH

7. Download boost 1.34.1 (
   extract only the "boost" folder

8. Install TortoiseSVN (

9. Use SVN Checkout with
   to get the latest adchpp source

10. Copy the "boost" folder into adchpp/trunk and adchpp/trunk/adchpp

11. Copy the "boost" folder into adchpp/trunk/boost and adchpp/trunk/adchpp/boost

13. Run cmd, change to adchpp/trunk and type "scons mode=debug" for debug mode or "scons mode=release" for release mode

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Re: ADCH++ - Compiling with Mingw on Windows

Post by Pietry » 06 Apr 2008, 13:52

Boost is no longer required, since arne already included it in the adchpp src.
I use for the official release dwarf2, which should be faster than sjlj... no idea how true is that , anyway...
Step 10 and 11 were weird in the beginning anyway, had to copy twice the same thing, it wasn't necessary. Gone now that boost is included.
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