What are your other interests then (A)DC?

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Re: What are your other interests then (A)DC?

Post by Cobra » 21 Nov 2008, 15:12

why so serious? sorry, had to do it.

single, 38 in Colorado been using DC for 5 years or so. I'm a tv junkie: 24, Lost, BSG, Terminator, Smallville, Friday NIght LIghts, Earl, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men. Been playing around with Drupal (CMS) for the last year or so. My parents are not cousins and I really do like pie.

damn, I am pretty boring and lame.
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Re: What are your other interests then (A)DC?

Post by Pietry » 21 Nov 2008, 20:59

Mythrael wrote: and winter is my favored season(me loves when it snows, it somehow makes me feel like when i was a small child, and that feeling is priceless).
I hate winter. I'm kinda summer guy...like the sun and warm feeling. Winter is good but just for a day or so then it gets bad. Too much snow has too many minuses than advantages. Can't wait another summer to stay on the beach, drink cold beer,feel the sun entering my skin and looking at the water in the sea... :mrgreen:
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Re: What are your other interests then (A)DC?

Post by Gew » 25 Sep 2009, 22:54

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FINALLY. Aawergh I'm ½ color-blind, 'em anti-spambot image validation letters/digits have messed with me for, well, I've tried registering for weeks, but have messed something up every time and it only gives you one fair shot until this delay wait, and by then my ADD has taken my mind someplace else! ;D

However, finally made it, so here I am. I love graffiti and bomboxing. Also National Geographix and crusty's serials w/ cocoa taste. During weekends I usually chill-out with my beloved one. We eaze-back alot.



Re: What are your other interests then (A)DC?

Post by Toast » 26 Sep 2009, 09:03

Well welcome :) hehe not always easy to get in here