ADC over Websockets

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ADC over Websockets

Post by klondike » 21 Apr 2016, 17:48

This still needs a lot of fleshing out but I'll write down some of the conclussions I have gotten to:
* Websocket messages with protocol messages MUST have text type whilst binary transfer (for example after a CSND) MUST have bimary type.
* A websocket message MAY contain 0 or more newline delimited ADC messages, such messages MUST be complete and end with the newline delimiter.

I think these two are the most relevant restrictions, websockets send textual data as UTF-8 which is compatible with the ADC specification, similarly the APIs make it hard to process incomplete messages, finally the possibility of sending more than one message is because of ... -overhead/

I'd like to see what are your opinions though before we start writting up the hub frontend and the Javascript client.