U2F / Yubikey

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U2F / Yubikey

Post by poy » 07 Jul 2016, 18:03

Investigate whether U2F would be useful to DC, and if it is, how to integrate it.

Some links:
- <https://www.yubico.com/about/background/fido/>
- <https://developers.yubico.com/U2F/>

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Re: U2F / Yubikey

Post by klondike » 04 Aug 2016, 19:09

In this case maybe the way to go is supporting TLS client authentication which should be possible using the PKCS#11 support of Yubikey.

Another option would be supporting SASL (as I think IRC does) with the OTP system, but that may be overkill and I'm unsure whether it'd work.