The distributed file list idea

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The distributed file list idea

Post by Pietry » 22 Jul 2010, 15:08

1. Introduction
The purpose of this paper is to present the distributed file list extension for ADC hub software. The idea is that the hub can keep a list of files currently shared on the hub ( hubs implementing BLOM already have this ) and upload it on demand to any user.
The motivation is the following: clients should be able to easily have access to shared files, similar to torrent listing websites.
2. Mechanisms
Hub should keep track of all files shared via the BLOM extension, also keep a list of seeders of those specific files. Files can be split into categories, category can be taken from client and given to file according to majority rule.
The hub user (user with hub name visible in user list ) will now be able to upload file list. User will be able to look over all files shared in the hub, similar to torrent-like file sharing websites. The userlist can be view as regular list with several additions: seeders, categories, hits, etc.
User can subscribe to new additions in some category and hub will give PM with new item when this happens.
Lists from several hubs can be aggregated by client, by TTH, in presenting an alternative download option in ADC client, without users interacting with hubs in particular.
The idea could bring a new way of putting things in DC usage, finding, downloading files.

I'm waiting for feedback and/or suggestions, for improvement or not.
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Re: The distributed file list idea

Post by Quicksilver » 22 Jul 2010, 19:27

I think this could better be implemented as bot ...
a bot with a virtual and may be even a searchable filelist ...

sounds like an interesting weekend project to implement that...
bot that downloads all filelists and keeps them up to date...
Allows searching through them ... only needs to answer non hash queries ... so an inverted Index might work well for this... some hdd access ...

Doing this with the hub seems rather like a bad idea.. as hub only has BLOM so no filenames and should never get in contact with the filelists...
(some DoS potantial might be there..)

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Re: The distributed file list idea

Post by andyhhp » 26 Jul 2010, 21:07

From a legal point of view, if the hub is storing filelist information, it can be attacked under copyright laws.

Leaving that functionality to a bot prevents the hub itself being attacked, and puts the liability on the person who hosts the bot.

On a different note, I would think that adding functionality like this is just adding bloatware to the hub. Can you suggest an example where this would be more useful than a search?



Re: The distributed file list idea

Post by Toast » 27 Jul 2010, 11:53

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