Alternate Hub Addresses

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Alternate Hub Addresses

Post by darkKlor » 25 Oct 2010, 08:58

I got this idea reading over the disucssion on Backup Hub Addresses (see the attachment to ... f=55&t=683). Thor used the term secondary addresses, and I realised that secondary to me did not mean the same thing as the backup solution I desired, but rather meant an alternative way to connect to the same hub.

The failover address is intended to migrate the entire populace of the hub to a different address, which is most likely on a different physical machine. The alternative address is intended to provide another away to connect to a hub on a single physical machine i.e. it lists all the addresses on which the hub is listening for connections.

On my own hub, I listen on a LAN (10.x.x.x) address, and also a Hamachi (5.x.x.x) address. The Hamachi address allows me to login to the hub remotely despite the fact my network does not expose local addresses. If exposed by a client, this could be a useful way of notifying users of alternative connection options.

As with backup addresses, this would be a parameter in the hub's INF message. I suggest the name SA (secondary address), both because Thor used it, and because AA looks more like a typo - but I don't care that much. Also like backup addresses, the value of the parameter would be a comma-seperated list of well-formed ADC/ADCS addresses.

Clients SHOULD NOT use the list of alternate addresses for failover purposes, but an address MAY appear in both lists and thus be used for both purposes.