Clickable hubcommands in chat

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Re: Clickable hubcommands in chat

Post by FlipFlop™ » 09 Dec 2010, 00:34

About your example: parsing a MOTD the owner sets in the hub, only has to be done once, as long as a CHCM-version and a non-CHCM-version are stored to serve to connecting users. So I don't see a need to prevent parsing there.

How would a client that doesn't support and handle the message:
IMSG ABCD Welcome\to\the\shub,\smagnet:?x.ltclick+here&\sto\sregister

If it was a feature broadcast, only supporting clients would receive it and the clients that don't support can get another message. How that translates to sending a proper MOTD is up to the hubsoft.

But granted, the point is that magnets already provide similar functionality, and if it can be extended to provide clickable hubcommands in chat, then sure, why not. Started this thread because of the idea, not because of the implementation-specs. A way to send proper alternative messages to clients not supporting this magnet-extension will be needed then.

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Re: Clickable hubcommands in chat

Post by Crise » 09 Dec 2010, 10:05

When the command originates from client then F type would be the choice and when it does from hub the choice of what is sent can be done as in F type broadcast as well.
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