Organization registration papers

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Organization registration papers

Post by Pretorian » 03 Feb 2015, 19:12

The attached file is a PDF of the documents I received from the Swedish organization, Skatteverket, that issues organization numbers. The organization has the number 802492-9716.

Below is a translation from Swedish to English and also better info on the slightly-difficult-to-read-really-dark part.

"Your organization/foundation has now been registered with Skatteverket and have been assigned a organization number.

You will now each year receive income tax return 3 which shall be sent to Skatteverket. The financial year decides when the organization's tax return shall be filed.

Financial year ends Sent out tax return Last day to submit tax return
31/1, 28/2, 31/3 September 1/11
31/5, 30/6 October 16/12
31/7, 31/8 Januari 3/3
30/9, 31/10, 30/11, 31/2 Februari 1/7

The tax return is partly composed of the tax return's front page INK3, which shall always be signed and sent to Skatteverket.

On the tax return's attachments INK3K, INK3R and INK3S shall always the non-profit organization's required tax section always be accounted for.

On the attacment INK3SU shall public non-profit organization's use its tax non-required tax section be accounted for."

It then just iterates some useful but not necessary information.

The part in bold above is when the tax return must be filed for this org.
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