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Non-profit organization

Posted: 24 Jul 2014, 10:14
by Pretorian
I have investigated the possiblity to create a non-profit organization, basically allowing us to pool our resources into one place.

I have posted the by-laws in another thread.

The following documents are what needs to be submitted:
Basic organization registration
Request for organization number

Further information on non-profit organizatins in Sweden ("ideela föreningar"):
Organization/Company Government Agency
Skatteverket ("IRS")

Re: Non-profit organization

Posted: 06 Jan 2015, 00:06
by Pretorian
There will be a meeting held at adcs:// This meeting will be the first meeting for the organization. Please read the by-laws beforehand. The meeting will take place 2015-01-08, at 10.00 PM CET. The proposal is to gather at 9 PM for a pre-meeting for those who wish to participate and be able to ask questions that will not be part of the official meeting record.

People need two things when signing up as members: registering name (either real or nick) and e-mail.